Grace Trekking

Maurice Spillane

We had problems with flights and arrived a day late. On the phone to DR, he assured us it was not a problem. Then and later, I found DR to be as stoic a person as I’ve ever observed, always calm.

The Annapurna Circuit trek itself was wonderful, a steady pace as we gained height, lunch in remote tea houses, comfortable evenings and nights in villages on the route.

Each day was different, scenery on an awesome scale, towering over us at times, expansive along valleys and rivers, villages and their architecture, some primitive, others old and unusual and every day different groups of villagers. Oh my goodness, the people. It felt like we were travelling from region to region rather than on a day’s walk. Everyone was friendly, and when we could engage with hand signals and the odd word, we were like children in a sand pit.

I cannot recommend this trek with DR and his team highly enough. I hope you pick that up from my Blog. Enjoy it!

Maurice Spillane, Wiltshire, England